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dc.contributor.authorAhkam, Sharif Nurul
dc.contributor.authorArefin, Mohammad Kamrul
dc.description.abstractBloom’s Taxonomy has become an important pedagogical tool but its application in teaching business courses in Bangladesh is underwhelming. Experiential learning is thought to be effective in the western world, but not practiced very much in our universities. It is very important to examine which teaching methods are effective and which are not, and fine tuning may be necessary for different concentration. A major challenge in business teaching is getting students involved. In this paper, we will focus on teaching business finance in the universities of Bangladesh. We propose that instead of a mathematical face to the problems, a real life face to the problem be given. We propose to test this in future work.en_US
dc.publisherCenter for Pedagogy (CP) Established under the Sub-project Titled “Pedagogical Development at Undergraduate and Master’s Level” (CP3357), Independent Univeristy, Bangladesh (IUB)en_US
dc.subjectBloom's taxonomyen_US
dc.subjectLearning objectivesen_US
dc.titleTeaching Business Finance in Bangladeshen_US

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